Publishers Seminar, Berlin, 2000

Marketing seminar in Berlin 2000

Thursday, October 12th 
09:00     Welcome and introduction , Dr. Heinz-Werner Nienstedt, Verlagsgruppe Handelsblatt 
09:30    Multi channel marketing of a leading brand (PowerPoint 5.02MB) , Dr. Olaf Gƶttgens, BBDO 
11:00    Brand strategies in the multimedia age (PowerPoint 1.45MB) , Dr. Heinz-Werner Nienstedt 
11:40    Global marketing of The Economist (PowerPoint 4.21MB) , Christopher Collins, The Economist 
13:40    Loyalty of advertisers ( PowerPoint 541kB) Second file (PowerPoint 3.8MB) , en Sunmo and Stefan T. Nero, Dagens Industri 
14:20    Newspaper supplements strategy  Second file (PowerPoint 1.92MB), Roberto Fargion, Il Sole 24 Ore 
15:00    Advertising strategy of a startup (PowerPoint 2.73MB) , Barry Henderson, Business a.m. 
16:10    Cross media marketing, Eero Tuomisto, Kauppalehti 
16:50    Cross media marketing (PowerPoint 2.02MB) , Kenneth Herts, Wall Street Journal Europe

Thursday, October 13th 
09:05    Costumer Relations Management (PowerPoint 340kB) , Dirk Vandekerckhove, Trends, and Bart de Ruijter, De Financieel Economische Tijd 
09:50    Knowledge Management System (Acrobat Reader 759kB) , A corporate infrastructure to create, correlate, retrieve and transform
knowledge to support future business initiatives, Gabriella Franzini, Eidos Media 
11:20    What do media planners except from business publishers these days (PowerPoint 2.49MB) , Bernd Reuter, Carat International 
12:20    Perspectives and possibilities of one to one communication, Dr. Heinz Dallmer, AZ Bertelsmann direct 
14:30    Selling ad space via internet (PowerPoint 1.22MB) , Dr. Hans-Hendrik Puvogel European MediaXchange T. Nero, agens Industri


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